Mafisa grew out of the work of ZayoHub Zambia, a local NGO that creates income and opportunity in remote rural areas.

Mafisa has been supported by grant funding from the Vitol Foundation, the Rural Finance Expansion Programme (Government of Zambia and IFAD), Musika Zambia and the Mulago Foundation.

Mafisa is also supported through an MOU with Zambeef PLC, Zambia’s largest agri-business and largest commercial actor in the beef sector.

Founder and CEO Charlotte Scott is a Zambian citizen with many years’ experience working in rural Zambia, particularly in excluded communities where poverty is widespread and entrenched, and the impact of climate change is making things worse. This was the focus of her PhD, which she combines with practical experience and a deep knowledge of Zambian institutions.

Mafisa has an experienced team, combining skills in the three core areas critical for successful delivery: community-based programme delivery, livestock management and business management.

Who we are

Yobe Banda

Field PO

Constance Chibiliti

Partnerships Manager

Coillard Hamusimbi

Livestock Specialist

Sarah-Jane Mallon


Moonde Mapepule

Vet Intern

Patrick Masiliso

Beehive Project Coordinator

Stella Mwanamwalye

Programme Assistant

Charlotte Scott